Charollais provides liquidity to institutional and accredited investors in Private Equity at both the GP and LP levels. Although we will consider all portfolios of illiquid assets, our focus is on buyout and growth funds.

Although we make most of our Secondaries purchases through a “Preferred Capital” structure, we also provide liquidity through more traditional purchases of LP and GP interests, and can flexibly structure deals tailored to the unique needs of each seller.

We have a particular expertise in providing liquidity and resolution to corporate venturing and investment programs. We have worked with several large multinationals in this regard and have a deep understanding of that institutional divestment process.

We are a discrete Secondaries partner. We do not publish information about the portfolios or interests we acquire or manage, and can structure deals to preserve existing relationships between LPs and GPs, so that the investment opportunities can continue into the future.

We are members of the primary Secondaries associations, and participate in the development of the standards and practices of the industry, with a particular focus on improving the transparency and harmonization of investor reporting.

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