Search Funds

Charollais has a particular expertise in providing liquidity to investors in Search Funds. Because we have been involved at all stages of the search, acquisition, and management of the OpCo, we uniquely understand the dynamics of that enormously successful strategy.

Our Principals and Advisers have made over 120 Search Fund investments, and have been at the forefront of the development of the industry as it has grown, become more international, and increasingly attracted the attention of institutional investors.

We can provide for investment gains to be immediately monetized for GPs, LPs, and Searchers/CEOs, while still preserving for the investor the long-term upside returns that Search Fund acquisitions have generated over a longer holding period.

We have the structuring expertise and the strong GP relationships necessary to provide liquidity through several different flexible structures, and can preserve the existing partnerships between LPs and GPs so that future follow-on and gap financing opportunities remain in place.

We have written numerous academic articles on Search Fund investing, continue to regularly participate on industry panels, and have given Entrepreneurship-through-Acquisition lectures at top-tier MBA programs across the US.

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